Volunteered Time

For Affiliated JFB-MFR therapists:
I do not care if you offer free work to Vets one day a month, two mornings a month, or two hours every Monday (or whatever your normally slow day is).
I just care that you DO.
Thank you!

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2 Responses to Volunteered Time

  1. Melanie Willson says:

    Where do we treat the vets if we don’t have an office space? As a newer practitioner I’d like to work in a supported environment ie: VA office/clinic. Let me know the usual way this is done. Thank you for catching the torch. I think IOPP is a great idea
    Sincerely, Melanie MFR 1,2, CT, UW Equine 1 in Nov

    • fudoshin2000 says:

      Hi Melanie, thank you for a good question!
      I only have experience with therapists who have a private practice. However, I would approach your local VA Clinic/Hospital and ask THEM. Starting with the Information Desk, and a question of, “I can offer Vets this service. Who would you suggest I talk to about volunteering my time?”
      Then see where that takes you.
      I hope this helps, and would be interested to see what happens for you.
      Thank you!

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