Ft. Belvoir, VA Event a Success

Just finished up the event here at the USO Warrior Transition facility in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Nice, brand new building, by the way.
We were able to help ~35 Army soldiers, in spite of a few issues caused by the government furlough. Qi Jong, yoga, accupuncture, chair massage, art therapy, nutritional advice, iRest and Bio-Dynamic Cranio-sacral Therapy (?) were offered. I was able to use JFB-MFR on six soldiers, for ~20 minutes each, and give some suggestions for stretches, after care and finding another MFR therapist.
I was also able to make connections with the Executive Director of “There & Back Again,” as well as one of the steering commitee members of “Warriors at Ease.” Both groups are designed to put practitioners of various modalities in contact with military who need the services. The fact that they also have some nice grant/funding doesn’t hurt.
Hearing a SNCO say that I was the 1st person to actually touch the area of problem AND also improve it was bittersweet; glad to have helped, but sad that they had had no relief before this, for such a long time.
The organizers and I are looking forward to further collaborations in the future.

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